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patents, standards, data sheets, marketing copy, flyers & catalogues, handbooks, user manuals & specifications, websites, powerpoint presentations, software & UI localization, inhouse technical communication, books…

Exemplary selection of previous and current translation projects

  • Translation of internal repair information of a major vehicle manufacturer, daily exchange of information between headquarter and dealers.
    Japanese > German (5,000-10,000 Japanese characters per week)
  • Translation and review of an online electronics catalogue (components, printed circuit boards and breadboards etc.) English > German (12,000 words per month)
  • Translation of various ISO/DIN standards, English > German (15,700 words)
  • Translation of a website regarding a Java platform (marketing text)
    English/French > German (20,000 words)
  • Translation of a patient survey regarding diabetes , English > German (600 words)
  • Translation of a book on Japanese Martial Arts as leadership training: BizDo, The Spirit of a Business Master, Japanese > English (36,700 Japanese characters)
  • Translation of a patent in automotive engineering (exhaust gas purification system), Japanese > German (15,000 Japanese characters)
  • Translation of product labels and marketing texts for a major Japanese fashion company, Japanese > German (30,000 Japanese characters)
  • Localization of the online help of a server software, English > German (14,400 words)
  • Translation of a user manual for a floor cutter, English > German (7,400 words)
  • Alignment of translation memories of patient instruction leaflets (5 days)
  • Translation of an iBook on Magnetic Flow Meters (marketing text)
    English > German (7,500 words)
  • Translation of training materials on the corporate identity of a luxury car brand, English > German (3,600 words)
  • Translation of training materials for a luxury car brand (features and sales arguments), English > German (5,500 words)
  • User interface localization of a B2B portal of an international technology company, English > German (3,200 words)
  • Translation and review of different text types (technical specs, marketing newsletters, user manual, website) for a major consumer good brand (optical devices)
  • Translation of patent claims on the usage of neural networks, English > German (500 words)

Four cases of how I help my clients by looking at the bigger picture


A client sends me a marketing text for translation and a PDF source file as a reference. After I finish the translation, I check the reference file once more and see a few passages that I haven’t seen before. I mark everything that wasn’t imported and then call my client. We decide that I will translate the missing parts that same evening, as the translation has to be ready for the following morning.


A client wants his e-commerce website to be translated from English into German. Unfortunately the English is a bit cryptic, and it turns out to be a translation from French. I get back to the client and they send me the French original so that I can compare the English text with the French when in doubt. I complete the translation into German and additionally compile a list of translation errors in the English text.


An international client in the fashion industry asks me to translate clothing labels and advertising texts for fashion articles to be imported to Germany. One of the products is called a “body bag”, meant for a bag that is worn across the body. I inform the client that this term is likely to cause quite a stir even in English and even more so if I were to translate its true meaning into German.


A client asks me to revise a Japanese > German translation,  an excel file with two worksheets containing lists of terms. Unfortunately, the translator has only translated one of the two worksheets. After a quick check, I get the impression that the lists in both worksheets might be identical. I find a tool to automatically compare data in Excel spreadsheets and yes, the two worksheets are identical and only need to be translated once. I proofread the translation and copy it into the identical second worksheet.