Workshop: Understand and translate patents (English into German)

Patent Translators: This is a key event for ambitious technical translators in the EN/DE language pair: 2 days of hands-on work on patent translations with Prof. Peter A. Schmitt. Translations will be into German, but the event will be very valuable for native English speakers too. Date: 13.09.2019, 10:00 – 17:00 Uhr & 14.09.2019, 10:00 […]

DeepL’s Hidden Icebergs of Mistranslations

  In 2018 I wrote an article on LinkedIn about the dangers of DeepL. The whole text can be found here: The Hidden Icebergs of Machine Translation: An example with DeepL When it comes to commercial translations, machine translation such as DeepL can be a useful tool for linguists and people who understand both source & […]