Blick in die Zukunft

    Nein, das ist kein Aprilscherz: Morgen früh, am 1. April 2019, wird der Name einer neuen Ära (Nengō) in Japan bekannt gegeben. Ein einziges Wort, das die Essenz der kommenden Epoche verkörpern soll. Was ist Nengō? Nengō (年号) bzw. Gengō (元号) bezeichnet in Japan die „Regierungsdevise“ oder den „Äranamen“. Gleichzeitig ist damit die […]

The kindness of strangers

In 2003 I had been living in Japan for 4 years, and I was thinking of learning the art of Acupuncture. I wanted to learn it in Japan, but before entering an acupuncture school in Tokyo, I decided to go to China to try the Chinese method of needling for two months and experience the […]

Divided by a common language

When the wall between East and West Germany fell in November 1989 I was 20 years old and had just finished high school. I had been living on the east side of the wall and therefore this meant a huge change for me. The very country I grew up in disappeared within a matter of […]