Die Zeit der Werbeversprechen ist vorbei. Heute zählen Resultate.

Glückliche Kunden sind die beste Referenz. Denn sie können authentisch von ihren Herausforderungen erzählen - und welche Transformationen und konkreten Geschäftsergebnisse das Unternehmen dank Ihrer Hilfe erzielt hat. Am Ende geht es immer um Vertrauen und um Menschen - und darum, wie sich ihr Arbeitsalltag verbessert hat. Ich habe mich als zweisprachiger Texter und Copywriter auf solche Case Studies spezialisiert und möchte Ihnen beim Entdecken Ihrer Kundenerfolgs-Geschichten gerne helfen. Damit Ihre Prospects zu Kunden werden.

Andrea Bernard

Andrea Bernard, Case Study Texter und Copywriter


"My client loved what she’s written"

Andrea did a fantastic job, on all fronts: Both my client, as well as their clients (who she interviewed), loved what she’s written. She represents the perfect mix of being open to input from us and pushing back when she has strong views on what’ll work well from a German audience perspective. And personally, well, Andrea is just a pleasure to work with. There is absolutely no question that we will be working with her on any future German case studies!

Benedikt Humm, Head of Relationship Marketing, Metia

Patrick Bord

"She writes efficiently and beautifully"

Andrea is extremely dedicated to reach clients’ satisfaction. She is smart. She writes efficiently and beautifully.

Patrick BORD, President, EGIS Consulting Group


"The results drive sales in the DACH region"

We had a highly specialized industry whitepaper, which was already translated in a draft into German, but were not happy with the result. Thus we reached out to Andrea. She helped us to transcreate not just this whitepaper but other key marketing material for the DACH region as well. 

What we especially like about Andrea: She is truly specialized in her subject matter expertise and works together with a second specialist to provide top of the class translations. She combines not only knowledge in banking, but also is well-educated in the tech industry.

From my perspective, this combination is key for the fintech field. The results are a pleasure to read in German and add value to drive sales of our SaaS banking platform in the DACH region.

Irena Pauls, Business Development Manager DACH, Mambu

Lucy Hudson

"Understands industry jargon and nuances"

I reached out to Andrea, following a recommendation, to support with launching our operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Initially she supported translating key pages on our website, and as things developed in the region, we needed product datasheets, thought-leadership articles, marketing guides and e-books translating, and more! 

Andrea has taken time to learn about Xactly and our product portfolio, joining our webinars to learn more and understand industry jargon and nuances, and as such the quality of her translations is excellent.

She is hugely responsive to last minute demands and delivers translations consistently on time, and in budget. Plus she is a pleasure to work with!

Lucy Hudson, Director of Marketing EMEA and Asia Pacific, Xactly

CTO Lighting

"Dives deep into the soul of the subject"

Working with Andrea is a joy.

The challenge we faced was to find a professional willing to understand the importance of details when describing the company ethos and the delicacy of our products -- and Andrea has just exactly done that for us.

It is not only about the impeccable final result, but also about the process, the constant exchange of information and research in order to understand the company, the products and how best to portray its concept and features and details into another language.

It feels like before putting the pen to work, Andrea dives deep into the soul of the subject and client, creating a relationship that brings the translation to life. The result is indeed flawless.

Murilo Pissinatti, Marketing Manager, CTO Lighting


Bilinguales Case Study Copywriting 

Meinen Hintergrund als Journalistin und Unternehmensberaterin setze ich gerne für Sie ein, um überzeugende Case Studies (Kundenerfolgsgeschichten) auf Deutsch oder Englisch zu texten, die Ihnen neue Kunden bringen und Ihren Umsatz steigern.

Übersetzung & Transkreation

Ob Patent, Website oder Bedienungsanleitung – Ihre Fachtexte sind bei mir in guten Händen und werden zielgruppengerecht und terminologisch korrekt übersetzt bzw. transkreiert. Aus dem Französischen, Japanischen und Englischen ins Deutsche.